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Hi, I am Jenelle.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and a friend.

You will soon find out I wear many hats. I am an Interior Designer for my families business, which has been in operation in Medicine Hat for almost 30 years (Sewline Upholstery). I love to share home decor ideas and finds, you will often find me wandering the isles of Home Sense or Winners. My style is very costal, bohemian, timeless and unique. When I am creating a space I try to utilize existing pieces and make sure your space is a refection of you. I strive to make your space your home, a place that can be lived in.

I am a horrible speller, so expect lots of mistakes. I love taking photos, often too many. I am a great listener, a wealth of knowledge and I am a Pinterest fanatic. My obsession with skin care and make up in an understatement. I have a simple, comfy put together type of style, I enjoy sharing my favourite pieces. Guaranteed you will hear me talk about my love of all things tropical and Disney related, don’t get me started on my love for Hawaii.

I hope this place can be positive and inspiring to you.
Sharing is a gift and I can’t wait to tell my story.
I am glad you are here.

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