Family Christmas Gift Guide 2021

In this Family Christmas Gift Guide 2021 you will find a great assortment to please her, him, kids and more.

This post contains affiliate links which mean either myself or my sister will make a small commission off of your purchases when you shop from the links below. All opinions are our own.

Family Christmas Gift Guide 2021

This year I had big plans for my gift guide but then reality hit and I realized that wasn’t going to work for myself with other obligations and my family. But I needed to do one, it is the holiday season after all. So I am really happy with how this Family Christmas Gift Guide 2021 turned out.

My husband was willing to gather links and ideas for me and it wouldn’t be a gift guide if I didn’t include my sister.

If you’re like me you’re probably scrambling last minute to find some really great gifts that you will receive in time for Christmas. Those shipping deadlines are getting off close and December seems to have snuck up so very fast.

I hope this gift guide finds you well and sparks some good ideas for you and your family.

Gift Guide For Her


1. Apricotton // @apricottongirls

This holiday season, get her a gift that will support her every day. Apricotton bras are the perfect holiday gifts for a tween or teen girl! Designed to grow as she grows, she’ll fit into the same bra as she changes cup sizes. The soft moisture-wicking fabric, adjustable straps, and removable padding make these bras the only ones she’ll need growing up. You can find them at or on Instagram @apricottongirls. Use code JENELLE to get 20% off site-wide until December 31st! 

2. The 5 Minute Journal

I love the idea of journaling and really that’s how I use my social media and my blog but I love the simplicity of this type of journal. It’s the kind of gift I always want but never actually buy for myself.

3. Living Proof Products // @redvelvethairandbodybar

Well it’s no lie that I love Red Velvet and I love Living Proof so honestly, you can never buy too much. Their dry shampoo is my favorite.

Receive 10% off your purchase with code : BURKNCO10

4. Knit Weighted Blanket from Chapters

If you don’t have a weighted blanket, you need one. But when this one turned up in my feed, it spoke to me… Now I do recognize this is a splurge but it’s just so pretty!

5. Organic Tan & Sunna Smile // @organictanmedicinehat

Basically, I could send my husband to Ashley and he could pretty much buy anything she has. From services to at-home kits, candles and so much more. Studio located in Red Velvet is a one-stop shop.

To receive 15% of your purchase use code : YXHLOVE

6. Instamax 40 Mini Camera

This is definitely a want and not a need but its so cute and I would love to have this to capture special moments.

7. A Curated Gift Box | From:Us // @fromusgifting

Take the guesswork out of gifting with this specially curated gift box. From: Us has a special selection of items for you to craft the perfect gift box for any budget. These make great cooperative gifts too.

8. Adventure Challenge Books // @theadventurechallenge

I have wanted these books for a really long time and I would love to get the couples and family one. If you have never heard of these before you need to check it out!

9. Sweaters from Kloth // @klothgroup

The newest clothing boutique in town has some of the nicest sweaters I have seen. They have so many unique pieces that are such great quality. You are sure to find the perfect pieces for someone special… or yourself.

To receive 10% off your order use code: BURKNCO10

Gift Guide for Kids

Sometimes kids are the hardest to buy for. You never know what they will end up fighting over and you are guaranteed to have tears. Here is the actual list of what our kids will be getting this year. P is 5 years old and C is 3 years old.

1. Blue’s Clues Handy Dandy Notebook

My kids absolutely love watching Blue’s Clues & Me. You can not tell me you didn’t weep when Steve sent out that virtual video message to the first gen Blue’s Clues watchers. I wept. So I love how inquisitive and creative the show interacts with its watchers so I think my boys would really enjoy this set.

2. Mario Odyssey & Cars Driven To Win

This will make more sense when you see #3 probably should have “switched” these around… pun intended. My kids love watching Mario play throughs on and Mario Odyssey always catches P’s eye. And we have Disney Cars games for the WII and C really enjoys them so This will be a great addition for him.

3. Nintendo Switch OLED

So, I have to admit this wasn’t an item we were originally planning to give our kids. And I realize that this isn’t realistic for everyone. But video games are a big part of my husband’s life and we thought this would be a great gift for the family. Back in September we went on a selling spree and sold a bunch of the boys toys and gifts grandparents gave from previous years. All those combined allowed us to buy this with out taking any money out of pocket. Not to mention funded accessories and other products on this list.

4. Super Mario Lego

P had received Super Mario Lego last Christmas and he usually saves his money from chores to buy expension packs but he will be getting one of these in his stocking and I see that the starter packs are on sale at Costco and on Amazon as well (link above).

5. Christmas Eve Box // @signed_by_santa

Christmas Eve is such a magical night we usually head to church and come home to eat appetizers, open a Christmas Eve Gift and head to bed. With the boys getting older and this really being C’s first Christmas where he understands whats going on I really wanted to make it special for them. As a busy working mom that still wants to curate special memories for my kids I love that this allows me to do that with out the pressure of creating this myself. So when my friend Holly at @thevandorpfamily told me about them I knew I had to share with you. If you are reading this before December 10th there is still time to order and have it guaranteed before Christmas.

6. Archery Set // @busypuzzle

When I asked P what he wanted for Christmas he said he wanted a Bow and Arrow for Christmas. After scouring online I kept seeing plastic junk so when I found this set over on Etsy, I knew this would be the perfect gift from Santa. I love the idea of Santa giving timeless handcrafted pieces as if they were actually make in a workshop. So this will definitely be a tradition we will continue.

7. Stuf’d Monsters // @stufdmonsters

I have always wanted to get my kids some little monster stuffies. So When I seen Benny and Borg I have to adopt them for my boys.

8. Novelty Candy // @rjsconvience

There is nothing better than having novelty candies as stocking stuffers and if your local to Medicine Hat, you can go over and check out RJ’s or head to their new website and order from there. Either way everyone will have fun trying out these candies this Christmas.

9. Bath Bombs // @yummybubblesbath

I constantly keep Yummy Bubbles goodies stocked in our house and I was super excited to see these Grinch themed gum ball bombs. These are perfect for a stocking or divide them up to give to your kids friends. Either way you will not be disappointed with the products from Yummy Bubbles. They are bases out of Tillie, AB and will be doing local drop off at their pick up location in Redcliff on Tuesday Dec 7th. Follow their page to find out more.

10. Festive Sweaters // @wildflowermoonso

Tis the season to be festive. I have purchased from Nicole at Back to School and i loved the quality and minimalist style of her designs so I was so happy to see she had a Holiday Collection. I love crew necks and I think they are fun to have before Christmas so this kids have something comfortable to wear to gatherings and events.

11. Early Readers Book 1 // @earlyreadersacademy

Many kids will be on Christmas vacation, and I think it’s a great time to give them books. Especially books to help you and your early reader navigate those first few steps of reading. Miss Mary is knows for her passion to teach kids how to read and she is so excited to be able to debut her new books with you. This book is decodable which is and essential feature to have in those early days. This book features 5 books in one, with colourful illustrations and rhymes .

Go one step further this holiday and give the gift of reading by purchasing her online course which will help your child to read over 7 weeks with just 15 minutes a day. This is a great gift for grandparents to give to their grand kids too.

12. Coloring Happy Subscription // @radandhappy

I have followed tara for years and I absolutely love her illustration style. This subscription is only $5 USD per month and you get great color resources delivered monthly to your email. I am really excited to get this big wall print and have Boylan Imaging print it as an Engineer Print. Such a great activity to lead up to Christmas and for after.

Gift Guide for Him

I have to give all credit to my hubby for putting this guide together for you. Now he didn’t write out any caption but I am not going to complain because just having this list is a huge win. Some items I might add a thought of my own others it will just be the link. As you can tell from the list his is a gamer, musician, elder emo who is obsessed with coffee. Hope you find this helpful.

3. Playstation Plus

I have to say that subscriptions like this make a great gift for any gamer in your life and they are available for all systems.

4. Coffee Tasting Box // @mhroastery

Madhatter Coffee is essentially for the holidays I was so happy when I seen that he listed this amazing local business on his list. Him and his coworker do French Press Fridays at their office and I know Mad Hatter Coffee is their go too.

5. Tattoo Money // @luckysquidtattoos

Not surprised buy this by this addition. Tattoo Money from the Lucky Squid is usually the top gift of choice. We have been going to this shop for years. They are so very talented.

7. Plugs for his stretched ears

Gift Guide for your Sister / Friend

Well, it wouldn’t be a gift guide if I didn’t include my sister, the ever colorful @m.abbyscrubs – I like having her in the mix because she has such a whimsical and bright quality to her. She loves thinking outside the box. Plus we like a lot of the same things. So many of these items would be on my list too.

1. Satin Lined Toque // @canadianbaconapparel

Satin lined toques with removable Pom Poms

Game changer! No more frizzy toque hair! 

My favourite colour: Bubblegum and Dusty Lilac

2. Holiday Sweater // @tayloredtoyoucreations

Holiday sweater shirts, mugs and pillow cases! I have 2 of her sweatshirts and gifted 2 so we could match!

My favourite item: the Merry sweatshirt

3. Medikate Skincare // @medikate.skincare

Organic, Vegan skincare, Canadian Made

Founded by Katelyn an expert esthetician that was struggling herself with her skin, and created quality products that actually work!

My favourite products: Brighten, Boost and the Sulphur Zinc mask

To receive 10% off, use code: megan10

4. Earrings // @kitchycactusclay

Earrings! My go to accessory, she’s got small and statement earrings, and ornaments all with a vintage twist!

My favourite item: Bright Pink Hearts(Barbie/Polly Pocket inspired)

5. Candles // @lunahrincandles

Candles and wax melts that smell amazing! My collection of both keeps growing!

My favourite scent: Serendipity

6. Garland // @maeberrydecor

The cutest felted garland, something for everyone!

I have one of her garlands for every holiday!

My favourite item: Rainbow Bright Garland

7. Eyelashes // @bradylaynebeauty

Her lashes are so soft! Can’t live without her lashes and her black eye liner glue! Also has beautiful makeup brushes! 

My favourite item: Odette lashes

8. Lip Butter // @by_stacy_

Scrunchies with hair coils inside! And Canadian made herbal lip butters in mint, coconut and vanilla! If you need a gua sha, she’s got the prettiest ones!

My favourite item: Herbal lip butter in Mint

9. Headbands // @femmefaire

Accessories and more! I cannot ever have enough Femme Faire headbands! Check out their holiday styles – sparkle, satin and velvet! Oh my!

My favourite items: the Mereband and ruched headband in scarlet red

For 15% off your order use code : LOCAL15

10. Tub Tea // @buttermeupnaturals

I have bought many whipped body butters and tub teas for friends! Perfect gift for anyone on the list!

My favourite item: Tub Teas

Well, that wraps up our Family Gift Guide of 2021 – I hope you found this helpful. xo

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