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Life as a Motherhood Lifestyle Content Creator

Read along as I interview my dear friend, who is a motherhood lifestyle content creator, Holly from The Vandorp Family.

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Life as a Motherhood Lifestyle Content Creator | Featuring @thevandorpfamily | Sharing Newborn + Toddler Must-Haves | | First time Mom | Neutral Aesthetic

When I started Burk & Co. I had a dream of sharing this space with others not just as readers but sharing others stories. Hence, the ” & Co.” part of the name, it’s supposed to signify Company, Collective or Co-operative. Since running this blog I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing individuals, businesses and organizations. I have been so fortunate to make so may friends a long the way. Recently, when I had the oppertunity to capture some photos for my friend Holly from @thevandorpfamily ; who is a motherhood lifestyle content creator. I was reminded of my idea and instantly asked if I could interview her. She was hesitant at first but was excited to share about being a motherhood lifestyle content creator, what her job is like, how it is juggling work with kids, plus we will find out a few of her favourite things.

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Holly, I was born in Calgary Alberta, but moved to Medicine Hat at a young age. I am engaged to my best friend Kevin, who is hands down my biggest fan and supporter in life. I am lucky enough to have the role of a mum and a bonus mum. My stepson is 5, my daughter is 3 and our newest bundle of joy, my son, is 1 month. I am a very simplistic boho-loving mama that enjoys the outdoors and photography.

I owned a small shop for almost 3 years “Lil’ Buddah Bebes” where I hand-made baby turbans & headbands , the name was actually thought of by my fiancé who is very proud of it to this day. Recently, I opened up a new shop “Natural Boheme Co” where I will be making various accessories for your everyday bags. It may seem like I have lots on the go but I love keeping busy. I also have a huge love for, creating high-quality content while showcasing products I genuinely love and that I am passionate about with my audience on my platform 

What first got you started as a motherhood lifestyle content creator?

I have always had a passion for photography and pretty aesthetics. When I had my first baby, I believe she was around 10 months when I really got started, I wanted to find a creative outlet that was for myself and didn’t feel like work but also allowed me to connect with others and that’s where social media seemed like the right place to start. I strive to create a page where I can share our day-to-day lives, the good the bad, and the ugly, and all my favorite parts of motherhood. A place where people feel welcomed & excited to come to. 

What is your favourite part of the work you do?

I think the most important and valued part of the work I do is all the really great connections I get to build with brands and the people behind these beautiful and amazing brands I’m honored to work with. 

What are some of your favourite brands or small shops that you have had the opportunity to work with?

That’s a difficult one, I’ve worked with so many genuine and incredible brands but some really outstanding ones I’ve worked with would definitely be:

What would be a dream company to work with and why?

That’s a tough one, I would say article. I love home design and creating cozy spaces in our home, so I think that would definitely be such an honor to represent their brand. 🤞🏻 I feel like each day I grow and grow more as a person, as an individual, and a content creator and I’m lucky enough to get more and more opportunities presented to me each step of the way. 

How do you juggle a newnborn and a toddler while running your business?

One thing I can say I am quite good at is being organized which allows me to keep myself busy, but sane while juggling my babes, & my business’ on my platforms. Every day isn’t easy, we all have those days but I like to take it one day at a time, and really planning out my days, my time, and finding that balance for everyone! 

You recently had your second child; if you could say one thing to a new mom what would you say? 

I think something that has really stuck with me this time around with my second is the early newborn stage truly flys by. Hold onto it, soak it all up. The foggy newborn days, with sleepless nights, might seem long and hard but it truly passes faster than we anticipate. It’s only a part of the season we go through in life so enjoy it all every little moment. 

What are some of your newborn must haves?

Sling // Lounger // Sleepers w/ double zippers or knotted gowns // Breast Pump // Booties // Minimalist Toys // Heirloom Blanket // Keepsake Album // Moses Basket // Cradle

What are some of your toddler must haves?

Minimalist Toys // Baby Dolls // Hair Bows // Play Mat // Ethical Clothing // Shoes

What would you tell your younger self?

Stop stressing and worrying about what others think of you, just be you! Do what you love, and follow your head and your heart. No one can make you happy but yourself!! 

Do the things that scare you, if it’s terrifying and amazing then 100% pursue it! Take the risk or lose the chance, I booked a plane ticket when I was 18 years old and flew across the world to Australia to pursue being an au pair, it was scary and exciting many emotions flew through my body. But I look back and I’m more than glad I took the chance it was the best thing I could have ever done, I found who I was, what I loved what I hated, & who I wanted to be; it lead me to more doors, more adventures 7 countries later .. and a million memories to look back on. 

Holly and I first connected last summer when we did a photoshoot with @dawnandduskclayco , we were reconnected again when we were given the opportunity to work together designing and organizing a campaign for @shop.yxh . We quickly realized how well we worked together and how much we both needed a friend in the industry of content creation/ influencing / blogging. It’s even better that we live in the same city and we have been able to work together on a few projects.

My hope with blogs like this is to give exposure to others, allow them the opportunity to share wisdom, experience, things that matter most to them, as well as, share some of their favourite things in the process.

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