Back to School Essentials

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Back to School Essentials

With school and daycares starting back this September, there is a lot more extra stress about returning this year. To ease some of the stress, I thought I would compile my back to school essentials.

One of the big changes for us this fall will be packing lunches for my 2 and 4 year old. We decided to that a bento box would work the best for us. I love the idea of teaching portion control and selection for a meal, with so much less waste.

Since having the boys I have always had comments about where I get their clothing, because people always love how I have them styled. I feel like it’s so much harder to find cute clothing for the boys, I definitely have to work a little harder. Totally self inflicted but my husband and I have very particular taste ourselves so its not a total surprise. I finally have a place were I can link all my favourite finds.

I have definitely noticed with COVID the selection for back to school clothing is a little off or not a good as normal which is to be suspected. A few of the items I have listed have be purchased multiple times in different sizes because I like them so much.

Hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful. If you’d like to see more of these leave a comment below.


  • Yumbox – This is our first year sending lunches and I am excited to share recipes and the fun ways we use them. So far the boys have no problems opening/closing them, they are very excited to start using them.
  • Lunch Punch Fork and Spoon Set
  • Bumkin Snack Bags – Toy StorySuperman – We love Bumkins and have used their bags since I first had P. They are amazing for cutting down waste and easy to wash.
  • Backpacks – Black Navy
  • Lunch Bags – Toy StorySpiderman – These lunch bags were a little more than I would have liked to spend, thankfully there is a sale going on. I really like that these are freezable, have a bottle holder and have a pocket for extra snacks.
  • Brain Quest – KindergardenPreSchoolToddler – My kiddos love these. They are something we like to work on while eating breakfast and we plan to continue to do this as our routine through the school year. (PS Costco usually as them for $7.99)
  • Multi Vitamins
  • Probiotics – Going into this school season one of our number one back to school essentials will be probiotics to help with gut health and hope we can manage to less sick than normal.


  • Black & White Jacket
  • Cambray Jacket
  • Boots – BrownBlack
  • Vans – ToddlerKids – We love Vans, we probably have a pair in every size. I am a sucker for having a black pair of shoes for my kids outfits. Also my boys have always had cubby feet and these always fit and stay on very well.
  • Hat – H&M has the best kids hats, we have so many from them and love them all.




  • Karate Rib Knit Waist Band Jeans – ToddlerKids – These are my favourite jeans for my kids The selling point is the easy elastic waist band, which is perfect for kids that are new to going to the bathroom.
  • Moto Joggers
  • Fleece Joggers
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