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5 Instagramable Spots in YYC

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5 Instagramable Spots in YYC | Burk & Co.

5 Instagramable Spots in YYC that won’t require you to drive all over Calgary. Grab an iced coffee, your friend, partner or Instagram husband. Spend the day seeing a different side of Calgary; all while creating new content for your instagram.

5 Instagramable Spots in YYC | Burk & Co.

The Story Behind the Photos

At the beginning of June, I went on a little road trip to visit my sister Megan. Usually, she flies home but we had plans to give her apartment a makeover. After she would actually come home with me for 2 weeks. Seriously, this trip has been the best part of 2020. Anyone else ready for 2021?

For over a year my sister has been a brand ambassador for Koi Scrubs, woot woot! She is an X-Ray Tech at her local hospital and has a huge collection of scrubs. She is obsessed with color and sharing how she styles her scrubs.

So, I was not surprised when she asked if we could make some stops on the way home for photos. I am pretty sure the only reason she comes home is to have me take pictures of her in her scrubs. Lately, I have finally been taking advantage of it by making her take pictures of me too – may as well.

We could not decide between taking pictures in YEG or YYC. Finally, we decided on Calgary. After that, she had the thought of starting at SAIT (that’s where she went to school) and then working our way to the Rainbow Bridge. On a map they looked pretty close to each other, so we thought it would be an easy route.

Happy Accident

When we got to SAIT the parkade was closed and a few of the spots weren’t exactly as we had thought. We decided to pass on SAIT and just go to the Rainbow Bridge. While I was driving down 10 St NW, I saw the bridge but missed the turnoff… And a bunch of others… because left-hand turns are impossible.

After that, we ended up on Memorial Dr which was backed up. At the time, the city had a lane closed for the excessive amount of pedestrians, because covid. It felt like we were just driving farther and farther from where we wanted to be. I was struggling to find an opportunity to take a left-hand turn. When I finally thought I got a chance, I turned down the one way on 4 St NW. Somehow I managed to weasel my “mom van” on to the curb and into the Starbucks parking lot unscathed.

I could not believe what just happened. It was nuts how seamless a maneuver I managed. Seriously! Now after the fact I’ve contemplated getting the security footage from the gas station on the corner – how ridiculous.

Why these 5 Instagramable Spots in YYC

Now disclaimer, Calgary is full of amazing spots. In short, we decided to stick to one area of Calgary that way we weren’t gallivanting all over Calgary. All of the spots listed below are in the Rosedale/Sunnyside/Crescent Heights area. Trust me when I say there is WAY MORE than these five photo spots in this area because it’s such a pretty part of town. If you have the time – just drive around and find spots that might speak to you and your aesthetic.

Again, because my sister likes color a lot of these spots are full of color or contrast for her outfits. She is heavily inspired by @colormecourtney, who wouldn’t want to add a little bit of color into their feed?!? If you want to check out 5 Instagramable Spots in YYC read below.

5 Instagramable Spots in YYC

5 Instagramable Spots in YYC | Burk & Co.

1. Black & White Mural – Marsh Dr NE

This Black and White mural in the perfect backdrop for all aesthetics. I love that there is so many angles to easily make taking multiple pictures still look different. This is in the parking lot of the building on 4 St NE & Marsh Dr NE.

5 Instagramable Spots in YYC | Burk & Co.

2. Rainbow Stairs – 1 Ave NE & 3 ST NE

These stairs were a happy accident, took us forever to find them as I saw them as we were driving up Edmonton Trail. Once we found them it literally took us back to a block from the black and white wall…

5 Instagramable Spots in YYC | Burk & Co.

Bonus Shot – 3 St NE

If you’re like me you’re a sucker for a good overhead foot shot. And this one is darling. The little bit of grass on top and the fact that it shows the sidewalk was completed in 1927 is the icing on top.

5 Instagramable Spots in YYC | Burk & Co.

3. Yellow Wall – 4 St NE & 1 Ave NE

Again, a happy accident just down the road from the Rainbow stairs, we had to take advantage of this yellow wall. It’s obviously a construction wall and who knows how long this will be around for but I can appreciate that they painted it such a bold color. Especially because yellow is apart of my day jobs brand colors. You can never have too many photos that work across multiple accounts.

5 Instagramable Spots in YYC | Burk & Co.

Bonus Shot – Crescent Heights Lookout

While you’re Calgary you must have the quintessential city skyline shot. Due to covid the Crescent Heights Lookout had lots of people working out which made it awkward to get a good shot and I totally forgot to grab just a skyline shot. This one will do – very patriotic.

5 Instagramable Spots in YYC | Burk & Co.

4. Turquoise Alley Wall – 9 Ave NW & Centre St N

While we were driving in YYC, to get to the Crescent Heights lookout, my sister seen a flash of blue down one of the alleys. Obvisouly we had to check it out and turned out to be the perfect color. We parked in the parking lot of Gord’s Running Store.

5 Instagramable Spots in YYC | Burk & Co.

5. Rainbow Bridge – In Sunnyside

Well, we finally got to our destination and we could not have been happier with this spot! The message that was left on the path was perfect and the meaning behind this spot was amplified. This spot has so many great angles to play around with. It should definitely be spot for photos in YYC.

Hope you enjoyed these 5 Instagramable Spots in YYC. To sum it up, we certainly had fun capturing these photos. Let me know below if you have any other Instagramable spots in YYC.

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