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Mocha Local – Delivery to Medicine Hat

Mocha Local Meal Kit Medicine Hat Alberta

Recently I have partnered up with Mocha Local meal kits to try out their delivery system. As March they now deliver to Medicine Hat, Alberta. They are based out of Lethbridge, Alberta and have recently expanded to include the communities in between.

If you’ve visited Lethbridge you have probably heard of the restaurant Mocha Cabana. Well I am happy to tell you that the owners areWith having strong relationships with so many local farmers and vendors, they are able to bring you a locally sourced meal kit right to your front door. They pride themselves in sustainable sourcing as well as providing high quality products. It’s no doubt why their popularity has caused them to branch out to Medicine Hat.

The Meal Kits

Mocha Local Meal Kit Medicine Hat Alberta

Our family was lucky enough to try out three of Mocha Locals Meal Kits. Going into this I tried to pick meals that I have never made before or showcasing a technique I’ve never tried. When I went to I was pleasantly surprised by their selection of meals. All their meals kits come in either 2 or 4 servings and in this post all the meals I reference were 4 servings. In our household we have 4 adults and 2 toddlers.

Meal #1 – Mediterranean Shrimp

Mocha Local Meal Kit Medicine Hat Alberta

Our family enjoys mediterranean food and when I seen this meal , I knew we had to try it. This meal was fairly easy to prepare, and left us with lots of left overs. I also made sure to have naan bread on hand because I knew that would be a great addition to an already great meal. The next day at work, I ate it cold and it somehow got even more delicious!

Meal #2 – Moroccan Chickpea Falafels

Mocha Local Meal Kit Medicine Hat Alberta

When I was pregnant, I tried to make falafels, I was craving them and when you have a craving you have to follow through. Needless to say they didn’t turn out nor did they have the right flavour I was looking for.

When I seen this meal kit I had to give it a try because I assumed you couldn’t mess up a meal kit. And I was right! These falafels turned out so delicious and the salad that went along with it was even more delicious. It would have been a perfect dish to eat outside in the summer. My one year old even enjoyed them! Also the lemon creme topping! That was by far the best sour cream I have ever had. Like eat it out of the bowl delicious. Like the meal above we added naan bread and cucumbers to the meal just to stretch it out a bit.

Meal #3 – Cranberry Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken.

Mocha Local Meal Kit Medicine Hat Alberta

I’d like to think I am a pretty adventurous cook but surprisingly I have never tried to stuff chicken breasts before. This meal definitely looked like a crowd pleaser and I knew my boys would enjoy it.

This meal was pretty straight forward. We had a random sweet potato in the pantry that we added to the mix again to stretch it out for my family. Plus the kiddos love potatoes. When I was assembling the chicken, I made sure to season with salt and pepper. I also added garlic and some chives. The filling was reminding me of my favourite cheese ball I make at Christmas time. This meal was a crowd pleaser, the only it was missing was a sauce as it was a little dry. But a simple cranberry sauce would have worked well.

Kids Meals

When ordering our first two meals I knew my kids may not be open to trying them. I was happy to see meal options for kids, pizza and noodles, guaranteed to be a hit. My boys really liked helping assemble their pizzas and the noodles were easy to make as they were fresh pasta. Both a hit for sure. The focaccia bread that came with the noodles were so good, pretty sure the adults all had a taste test.

Farmers Market

Mocha Local Meal Kit Medicine Hat Alberta

Not only does Mocha Local provide you with delicious local meal kits but they also offer add ons from their Farmers Market. Which is great if you are already ordering meals but you can just order from the market with out ordering meals. They also have a kit that is loaded with all fridge and pantry staples. It is a great option for people that are avoiding stores at this time. While your in the Farmers Market Section make sure to check out their desserts, their cheesecake is killer!

Who are these kits good for?

Mocha Local Meal Kit Medicine Hat Alberta

These kits are such a great addition to your weekly meal planning, it was so nice to have a meal basically prepared that I had to put next to no thought into. I also think these would be such a great gift to share as well. Perfect for brand new parents, newlyweds, new homeowners the list could go on. I had originally planned to order a meal kit to host a girls night in with three to four of my friends, have everyone bring a bottle of wine and enjoy cooking together. Or have a romantic evening with your partner trying a new dish by candle light. Honestly your options are endless for all the ways to say how awesome this local service is.

Are you concerned about waste?

Mocha Local Meal Kit Medicine Hat Alberta

One thing I had heard horror stories about meal kits was the amount of waste that comes with shipping the produce to keep it frozen and fresh. I was a little sceptical about this. I was very happy to see Mocha Local had an insert explaining each piece of packaging and how to recycle/reuse the items. There were a few items that you could leave outside when your next meal would be delivered and they would take it to reuse. Which I thought was unique to this meal kit system being local.

Final Thoughts – Mocha Local

Mocha Local Meal Kit Medicine Hat Alberta

Do I think these meal kits are worth it? Absolutely. My Dad who doesn’t like to try too many new meals was always excited to come home to find out we were having a Mocha Local meal kit and he enjoyed each of them. So honestly if he enjoyed them because he’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy you know these are good! But seriously with the way currently times are I love being able to support our local community as much as I can. And with Lethbridge being so close I feel like us Southern Albertans need to stick togerher. So what a fun way to support such a unique business that is connected to so many other local businesses.

Mocha Local Meal Kit Medicine Hat Alberta

Click HERE to order your own meal kits.

Click HERE to check out the Farmers Market.

Head to my INSTAGRAM highlight MOCHA LOCAL to see real time reactions.

And check out my YouTube video below for more information.

Mocha Local Meal Kit Medicine Hat Alberta

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