How to Maintain your Eyebrows at Home

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The amount of times I have been asked about how I maintain my eyebrows at home is endless. I have often alluded to my at home eyebrow tinting routine in my instagram stories comparing the look to Eugene Levy.

Over the last two years I have perfected how I maintain my eyebrows at home, which included tinting to my waxing routine. Waxing my eyebrows for over a decade at home it has become like second nature. Now don’t get me wrong I spoil myself a few time a year and pay a professional to do it for me. Sometimes it can feel like a lot of work, and other times it feels like self care. Check out my youtube video below to find out exactly how to maintain your eyebrows at home.

Eyebrow Shaping

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If you are unsure of how to shape your eyebrows, you’re in luck. You have probably heard of the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, right?! Well Anastasia Soare created the Golden Ratio for shaping eyebrows for this reason.

I have created these guides following her ratio so you can see how to properly shape your eyebrows at home. Feel free to you a make up brush or any type of straight line to help you visualize the shapes better. Even making marks with a brow pencil would be really helpful.

The perfect brow at home | Golden Ratio | Amazon Links

A. The front side of your eyebrow should align with the bridge of your nose.

The perfect brow at home | Golden Ratio | Amazon Links

B. The outside tip should line up with the bottom of your nose to the outer corner of your eye.

The perfect brow at home | Golden Ratio | Amazon Links

C. Your arch should align with the top of your pupil to the centre of the tip of your nose.

How to Maintain your eyebrows at home | Amazon Links

I find this process to be really easy to do and you get salon quality results. With a little cost up front, these products will last you along time, obviously pay attention to expiry dates but these will certainly pay for themselves over time.

Here is a list most of the items I use:

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Wax Warmer
Creme Wax
Mini Pro Hair Removal Waxing Kit
Fine Applicators
muslin strips
100 Pcs Nail Art Orange Wood Stick
Baby Powder
Brow Brush/ Spoolie
Cotton Swabs
Cotton Pads

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