15 Amazon Finds To Keep Your Toddler Busy and Learning

15 Amazon Finds to keep your Toddler Busy and Learning

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I don’t know about you guys but it has definitely been a challenge entertaining kids during all this craziness. That’s why I came up with this list of 15 Amazon finds to keep your toddler busy and learning.

The other day I decided to round up of all our favourite busy toddler toys. Our toys always get scattered between the two floors of our house, so it was nice to to get them all in one spot and have them displayed for the kids. If your kids are like mine they are more likely to do free play in a clean toy room, (in our case it’s a corner) than a messy one. I think in general most people function best in a clean and organize environment.

As much as I enjoy doing crafty activities with the kids, free play is super important as well. Mainly it gives us a break to rest, work, do laundry or whatever is on your list of things to do. I usually turn music on, let them do their thing, so I can get some stuff done. I also find this super helpful when I am getting supper ready. OR we put Daniel Tiger on, we do what we have to do.

I have complied this list of 15 Amazon finds to keep your toddler busy and learning because we all need a little bit of sanity and this list is even better because its all from Amazon, you don’t have to leave your house. Now we actually have most of these toys, which I will explain down below. Most of these toys we received as gifts from grandparents for birthdays and Christmas. This list would also be great for gift ideas too.

15 Amazon Finds To Keep Your Toddler Busy and Learning
  1. Magnetic Daily Calendar
    This was something I wanted to get but decided to order as soon as the daycares closed because I knew P would enjoy learning daily routines.
  2. Geometric Stacker Toddler Toy
    We love this toy, it has been a favourite starting as young as when the boys could start to grab continuing into to toddler hood.
  3. Responsibility and Chore Chart
    I bought this with the calendar, we figured now would be a good time to start introducing a more structured responsibility chart.
  4. Monkey Around Toddler Game
    This is a great game to get your kids moving, it’s simple and always good for a laugh.
  5. Wooden Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter5 Piece Sweet Toppings Dessert Play Food Set
    Mama & Papa got this set for the boys for Christmas last year, and they love taking our orders and serving us.
  6. Large Water Gel BeadsWater Beads Rainbow Mix
    Water beads are a huge hit in our home and when I seen the boys daycare had large ones I knew I need to get some. I like to make smaller batches with a mixture of both sizes.
  7. Play-Doh Wheels Excavator and Loader Toy Construction Trucks
    P is obsessed with excavators so this was a no brainer.
  8. Numbers 0-25Alphabet
    As soon as the daycares closed I grabbed this flash cards, Im not putting too much pressure on myself to homeschool because he’s only 3 but I do want to continue some structured education.
  9. Squigz Starter Set
    We don’t personally don’t own this set but the daycare has them. Whenever the teachers post the kids playing with them they always look like they are having fun. Something differnet.
  10. Take-Along Tool Kit Wooden Toy
    The boys are always hammering or fixing something. They always have to grab their tools is dad is building something so they can help out.
  11. Kinetic Sand
    This is probably our number one played activity in our house.
  12. Magic Touch Piano
    We love music in our house, I thought this was a great little addition.
  13. Wooden Toy Ukulele
    Like the above comment, music is life in our house so naturally we had to get a kids ukulele so the boys can play with dad.
  14. Wooden Building Blocks Set
    Who doesn’t love blocks?!?
  15. Farmers Market Color Sorting Set
    This set we don’t have but our local library does and the boys always love playing with it. I really like that its made of silicone for easy cleaning.

A lot of the toys we try to bring into our house are multi use items or I products that are made from wood so there is more longevity. So many of the product have similar colors, one thing we like to do is color sorting. It makes good use of multiple items as well as we can talk about shapes and counting.

I hope you found this helpful. Thanks for reading.

Shop the items:

If you are local to Medicine Hat make sure to check with Bumbleboo, I know they carry a few of these items and it would be wonderful to support local as much as we can. I know that kind of contradicts this post, amazon is so convenient but it is important to support our little local businesses when we can.

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