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My first post, how exciting. You might be wondering how Burk & Co. came to be and why the heck I have started blogging. Good question!

I have always been a storyteller. In high school, I spent a lot of time writing deep and meaning full poems. As time went on I didn’t make time and writing took a back burner. Now in the world of social media writing and sharing stories as become so much easier. I have always been an open book and I love to share my struggles and successes on Instagram. I share mostly for myself but to hopefully make at least one person feel they less alone in their journey.

So why a blog? I am currently in the process of taking my training for Interior Design and I want a place to share my ideas and inspirations. This space will turn into my legacy, my portfolio, and my journal. It will encompass everything to do with making your house a home. From design to recipes to DIY and some stories of motherhood.

Why Burk & Co.? I thought I was a perfect umbrella name to encompass everything about me. Burk coming from my maiden name (Burkart) continuing on my Dad’s legacy and in the future I could see this brand “potentially” taking over my Dad’s business and doing a rebrand. For now I thought I would build my brand up and share my creativity and my stories.

Tagline: The art of sharing and curating your home.

So I hope you are as excited as I am to see everything I have to share.

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